ByLeigh Garofalow

Oct 28, 2014

Subscription services have become popular for both children and adults. Subscription boxes are becoming  great gift options for friends and family, but also becoming a great way for people to try new products – even food.

There are tons of subscription services so you need to first consider what you are looking for in a subscription service.

  • Are you looking to try new things?
  • Are you looking to get foods within a certain lifestyle like vegan or paleo eating?
  • Do you just want food items delivered to your home or office because of your busy life?
  • Delivery frequency.

Another consideration – How much choice do you want to have over what goes into your subscription? Some services allow you to pick specific items, others let you just pick general categories or quantities and others you leave completely up to the curators.

If you are up for a surprise there are many great services out there where you do not get to make any choices. If you answer ‘doesn’t matter to me’ the next time someone asks you ‘Where do you want to go eat tonight?’ this option is probably right for you.

Ok, so lets take a look at a few organic food delivery subscription options. 

  • Farmbox Direct is a service that delivers organic produce to your house. You can choose between three different size boxes and how often you get a box delivered. You also get to substitute up to five items in the box which is uncommon in most subscription services and add on additional items since they are delivering items already. You are able to go on the website and see what farms your items come from including the address and website for each farm. This service is great for fresh organic food delivered often to your home.
  • Breakbox by Blissmo is a a great way to get healthy and organic snacks. You can order a personal box of snacks or different size packages based on the size of your office. This is a great way to have healthy snacks delivered right to your office.
  • Healthy Surpise is a a great subscription service for vegans who want to make sure they avoid gluten, soy, corn, and wheat. Their method of curating boxes allows those with special diets to be able to participate in a service that will give them more choices they may like. While the items are not all certified organic many are so it should be easy to find items you will like.
  • This box is a great gift for your hipster friend, Pairings Box. This box comes with a electronic “mix tape” of songs, vinyl record, three recipes, and two fresh ingredients from local merchants. Foodies and music enthusiasts alike will love this subscription box to see what kinds of fresh meals you can make with your special ingredients.

There are many more subscription services out there and new ones popping up everyday just make sure you think about what you are looking for because you many find more than one you want to “subscribe” too.

Do you have a subscription service that you love?  Do tell.

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By Leigh Garofalow

Leigh Garofalow is a self described 'born environmentalist' who won a recycling poster contest in 3rd grade and has been green ever since. She is a mother of two children under the age of 6 who think taking a cloth napkin and their own utensils to school is normal. She loves writing about anything related to health, wellness, and the environment. One day she hopes to make every up-cycled item and recipe she pinned on Pinterest!