Plumen 002
The Plumen 002 creates mood lighting in smaller home spaces. Photo: Plumen/Vibol Moeung

The original Plumen was perfect for overhead lighting in spacious rooms and the workplace; the 002 is designed for residential use.

“At home there are a bunch of lights that would benefit from being dimmer,” Roope says. “We knew that our current offering is probably a little bit too bright for that situation, so we wanted to, on one hand, fill the gap. On the other hand, we wanted to prove that there’s balance and stability in our approach … we can deliver not just one really interesting design, but we can take a radically different approach and arrive at something that feels completely new and fresh.

“We’re using it as an opportunity to do something remarkable and interesting in its own right, and validate our approach and philosophy,” he adds.

Roope considers the creation “light to set the mood” and says the 002’s “sculptural and clearly defined form” allows it to resonate in square and rectangular spaces and work well in table lights and wall sconces. It uses just 25 percent of the energy needed to power a 30W incandescent lightbulb.

Compared to its predecessor, the Plumen 002 is softer (290 lumen output) and its color is warmer: 2500k compared to the Plumen 001’s 2700k.

The 002 also has a more subtle, organic shape. In fact, it was intentionally designed so that the light isn’t uniform. When the light is on, the intensity varies across the bulb’s surface, with the maximum concentrated between its two descending “legs.”

Depending on how much cash is pledged, Kickstarter backers can receive a single lightbulb, a lightbulb and drop-cap pendant — available in white, red, blue, black or copper — or an entire room set. Orders will ship in July.

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