Feel-Good Fashion: Fair Trade Accessories with Stories Worth Sharing

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Hearts, an online retailer of jewelry, bags and other accessories, offers products that are not only sustainable, but also have a story. Hearts sells products that support people and the environment, so you can feel good knowing your style isn’t causing harm.

We’ve selected an assortment of Hearts products with creation stories worth sharing. Some were made by artisan groups abroad that help empower communities, while others were made from upcycled materials here in the United States. Click through to see products that will make you feel good about where your fashion comes from.

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Coffee Sack Carry All Tote

This tote bag made from upcycled coffee sacks not only helps its owner carry around lots of stuff, it also helps artisans in Guatemala.

The artisans who make these bags protect worker rights as well as teach skills to other artisans so they can expand their markets. The totes are also made using local, natural materials, so their impact on the environment is limited.

Price: $58


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