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Our guest, Chris Orestis, is the president of Retirement Genius and a nationally recognized expert on retirements issues. Every generation will feel the impact of climate change, and at a time when demographics are already working against the rising tide of seniors, they need to factor in new risks during their retirement. While Millennials, Gen Z, and children face long-term impacts on their health, economic opportunities, and lifestyles, retiring Baby Boomers must also reckon with the consequences of extreme heat, the potential for disruption of their lives by wildfire, food shortages, and the economic impact of climate change on their retirement nest egg.

Chris Orestis of
Chris Orestis of is our guest on Sustainability in Your Ear.

How should older people be rethinking their assumptions about retirement? Is it time to move to higher ground? What changes to existing plans should Boomers be making? We’ve got the guy with the answers.

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