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The Atlas of Disappearing Places, a new book by Christina Conklin and Marina Psaros, is a catalog of the coastal, island, and deep ocean locations around the world most at risk during the climate crisis. It also forecasts how humanity, including individuals, governments, and businesses, can collaborate to restore the planet.

Cover of the book, "The Atlas of Disappearing Places"
Christina Conklin, co-author of The Atlas of Disappearing Places, is our guest of Sustainability in Your Ear.

Humanity faces serious and difficult questions as it adapts to climate change. More extreme weather and rising sea levels will have dire consequences for the environment, human food production, and the livability of populated regions, especially along the coasts. The stories in Conklin’s book beautifully illustrate the consequences of changing chemistries in our ecosystems; the strengthening of storms, warming water, and ice loss; as well as the consequences for humans and animals of rising seas along coasts around the world. The Atlas of Disappearing Places is available now in a beautiful hardcover edition on Amazon and at Powell’s Books.

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