eevie is a new mobile app for the iPhone and Android that helps people identify their carbon impact when shopping and making daily decisions about travel and diet. Earth911 talks with the founders of eevie, Tono Willms, Lenni Paar, and Raphi Ferretti. eevie suggests personal carbon reduction goals and tracks your location to coach you toward those goals based on an “Impact Score” it calculates as you make choices in your life. It’s a smart assistant and mentor for carbon-conscious consumers.

The eevie mobile app
The eevie mobile app: a smart assistant and mentor for carbon-conscious consumers

The eevie team lives its mission. They work collaboratively across three counties in Europe, minimizing travel and CO2 footprint. They have established a goal of helping people achieve a “4 tonnes CO2 lifestyle” by 2025, starting with themselves. If everyone were to reduce their CO2 output to 8,800 pounds a year — four metric tons — we could stop the rise of excess CO2 in the atmosphere.

We also discuss the ways eevie tracks users, especially how personal data is used, to help create improvements. Chief Data Officer Raphi Ferretti shares how aggregated anonymous information can be used to help populations of people understand the trade-offs available when buying a product or planning travel. The app does not share any personal information and hopes to build its business through subscriptions or anonymized advertising services.

Want to start using eevie today? Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

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