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Earth911 talks with oil industry veteran and critic Jack Kerfoot, the author of Fueling America: An Insider’s Journey. He spent decades in the oil industry and argues that it is responsible for pollution and geopolitical issues that plague our planet and people. Approximately 3.7 million people die from chronic or acute pollution-related illnesses annually. Kerfoot contends that the U.S. and countries around the world can make a fast pivot to renewable energy while eliminating sources of conflict and illness globally.

High global demand for oil continues to drive a flood of cheap oil into the market from nations like China and Russia where oil is the main source of national income. He questions whether the needs that oil serves truly offset the social costs. Jack explains that in China, for example, air pollution is so bad that one cannot see their hand in front of their face on a smoggy day.

Author Jack Kerfoot
Author Jack Kerfoot

Jack argues that Oregon, where he resides, could be powered entirely by renewable energy sources if oil subsidies were eliminated to allow funding to flow to the most efficient energy source. He challenges businesses large and small to embrace sustainability planning to help in the struggle against pollution while saving money. Kerfoot also offers ideas to the incoming Biden Administration about how to save the American economy using renewable energy, without requiring taxpayer-financed subsidies.

Jack Kerfoot’s book, Fueling America: An Insider’s Journey is his memoir about his life spent in the global oil industry. It thoughtfully dissects the industry’s perversion of basic economics to preserve its business.

This podcast was originally published on November 27, 2020.

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