Earth911 Podcast Innovator Interview

Sometimes the recycling setup is harder than getting your daily recycling sorting and cleaning done. Earth911 talks with Harold Sokyrka, who developed the Kwik BagIt system, which includes reusable cloth bags and collapsible bag holders. It keep bags of any type conveniently upright for easy filling, to make recycling easier and sorting more accurate. After becoming frustrated with available bins and bags, Sokyrka, who is a longtime inventor, worked for three years on the designs of the Kwik BagIt system, which is available in four models, the Yardpal, Outback, and Sports models, along with Pro versions for construction sites and hospitals. He also offers several sizes of reusable bags made of recycled PET bottles that are designed to dry quickly and reduce odor, and which can be washed many times before they wear out.

Harold Sokyrka, creator of Kwick BagIt
Harold Sokyrka, the creator of the Kwik BagIt system, is our guest on Sustainability in Your Ear.

Kwik BagIt is available online and through a novel local fund-raising program, Kwik BagIt Closed-Loop Rewards, for churches and community organizations. He’s also working to develop local municipal waste partnerships to make the holders and bags available to home recyclers. If your back is killing you after sorting your recycling, take a look at Kwik BagIt.


By Earth911

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