Encouraging regenerative farming practices can start with conscious shopping choices, but there are many challenges ahead. Mattheiu Kohlmeyer, founder and CEO of La Tourangelle, a Berkeley, Calif.-based maker of artisanal cooking oils, some of which are produced using regenerative farming techniques, discusses the ins and outs of growing healthy, affordable regenerative foods. La Tourangelle makes a variety of oils, including almond, avocado, sunflower, grapeseed, and olive oil. The company sources nuts and seeds from regenerative farmers in Eastern Europe and California, upcycling nuts when possible to reduce its environmental impact. La Tourangelle also uses post-consumer recycled materials in packaging and its spray oils use no chemical propellants or aerosols.

Mattheiu Kohlmeyer, Founder & CEO of La Tourangelle
Mattheiu Kohlmeyer, Founder & CEO of La Tourangelle, is our guest on Sustainability in Your Ear.

Regenerative farming can restore soils — the U.S. loses about 5.6 tons of topsoil per acre per year, and by leaving soil untilled, allowing natural biology to play out in the absence of chemicals, it is estimated that healthy soil could sequester a quarter of a billion tons of CO2 annually. Mattheiu recently contributed an article at Earth911, Regenerative Farming Practices: Food for a Healthier Planet. Regenerative farming is a comprehensive practice that an historic drought in the West makes harder. You can learn more about La Tourangelle at latourangelle.com.

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