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Earth911 talks with Adam Met, bassist of the multi-platinum indie-pop group AJR and advocate for the United Nations Sustainable Development Program, about his new podcast, Planet Reimagined and how to start a lasting sustainability transition. Adam and his brothers Jack and Ryan launched AJR as teens. They produced numerous hits, including their current release Bummerland, while Adam continued his studies in philosophy and international law. He is completing a Ph.D. in International Human Rights Law and is the executive director of Sustainable Partners, Inc., a “thought and action think tank” that creates sustainability initiatives around the world. He recently began working with the UN’s Sustainable Development program to raise awareness about the many paths to a humane and prosperous green economy.

Jack, Ryan, and Adam Mett of the multi-platinum indie-pop group AJR
Adam Met, right, and his brothers Jack and Ryan, are AJR.

Adam shares his thoughts about the role of celebrity and protest in a modern connected society, and how each person’s decisions to be sustainable can be communicated to spread the word about the importance of living within the planet’s resources. We discuss bridging the economic and justice gap between the developed and emerging economies, as well as how AJR encourages sustainability on its global tours. We can each be an example and, when communities pull together and communicate their priorities to business and government the world can change.

Adam introduced his new podcast, Planet Reimagined, last week. Subscribe today and Planet Reimagined will plant a tree! His guests during the first season include former presidential candidate Andrew Yang, economist Jeffrey Sachs, March For Our Lives founder Matt Deitch, Allbirds CEO Joey Zwillinger, and Keiana Cave, a 22-year-old scientist working on the chemistry of oil cleanups and hormone-free birth control.

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