Oct 1, 2018
Earth911 Podcast: Sustainability in Your Ear

Get busy solving the food waste problem. More than 40 percent of the food produced in the United States goes to waste, uneaten and spoiled. The Earth911 team gets together for a conversation about steps that individuals can take to eliminate food waste, as well as how restaurants, grocers, and farmers, among others, can help. We also talk with Robert Lee, founder of, a New York-based program that connects restaurants with food banks nearby. Rescuing Leftover Cuisine is involved in a month-long funding challenge that you can support with your online donation. We also recommend taking some time to learn about food waste from John Oliver. Although it’s an older episode, many of Oliver’s food facts have not changed, signaling the need for more effort. As always, we answer Earthling questions.

This week, we also discuss: 

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