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Omvits is a four-year-old British nutritional supplements company with a deep commitment to sustainability. Earth911 talks with Omvits co-founder Shameek Upadhya about why the company focused on making vegan vitamins and delivering them in the most sustainable packaging possible.

Among Omvits’ vegan supplements are omega-3 oil and vitamin D. Omega-3 supplements are difficult to get in a vegan diet, as the oil is usually harvested from salmon. Upadhya shares how he and his team learned that global fish supplies could collapse by 2048 and decided to make omega-3 oil from algae instead. Omvit’s vegan vitamin D is made using lichen to eliminate the use of lanolin collected from sheep’s wool.

Shameek Upadhya, cofounder of Omvits
Shameek Upadhya, co-founder of Omvits, is our guest on today’s Sustainability in Your Ear podcast.

The company currently delivers its products in plastic bottles with refills available in low-plastic pouches. Next month, Omvits will introduce plastic-free refill pouches that biodegrade in household compost piles.

Omvits has provided free annual supplies of vitamins to more than 25,000 children and is building charitable support for climate action into its business model. Omvits vitamins will reach the U.S. in early 2022; sign up at Omvits to receive alerts about U.S. availability.

This podcast originally aired on March 24, 2021.

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