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Environmental doom hangs over the youngest generations, who need a clear path to climate recovery to regain their optimism. Earth911 talks with Dr. Erica Dodds, chief operating officer of the Foundation for Climate Restoration, a young expert in eco-anxiety and international development working to raise awareness about direct air carbon capture technologies. Her organization believes that aggressive investment in scaling up current early-stage carbon capture strategies can restore the environment to pre-industrial CO2 levels by mid-century, long before many expect the technology to make an impact. Her team organizes local youth and legislative learning programs, and they are launching local chapters around the country. Visit their site to get involved.

Dodds explains how ocean carbon sequestration can help humans store massive amounts of CO2. Her compelling vision for a return to the climate in which humans evolved includes the idea that the atmosphere can be mined for CO2 to use as the raw material in low-carbon cement, fuels, and other applications. Carbon capture technologies are expected to create 300,000 new jobs during the next several decades.

We also discuss the overwhelming eco-anxiety afflicting her generation, starting with an introduction to the symptoms of this paralyzing psychological state. People tend to react to climate change by enthusiastically engaging in climate-friendly behaviors and judging severely others who do not participate or by closing their eyes to the problem, literally turning away from the fear that climate change creates. This may be the basis for some of the current political divisions in the U.S. and around the world. Society must find a way to bring people together around actions that can make a material difference in the fight against global warming. Dodds and the Foundation for Climate Restoration are confident that direct air carbon capture can a key component to a brighter future.

The founder of the Foundation for Climate Restoration, Peter Fiekowsky, has appeared on Sustainability In Your Ear to discuss direct air carbon capture and ocean-based sequestration strategies.

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