Once January 1 rolls around, you’re probably ready dispose of your Christmas tree. If you purchased a real tree, there are plenty of eco-friendly options for disposal.

Christmas Tree Recycling Preparation

  1. Remove any ornaments, lights, tinsel or other decorations from the tree, as well as the stand.
  2. Use Earth911’s Recycling Directory to find treecycling programs in your area.
  3. Put a tarp under the tree before you haul it to the curb or your car to prevent needles from shedding on the floor.
  4. If the tree is being picked up at the curb, you may need to cut large trees (taller than 5 feet) in half so they will fit in the truck.

Why Recycle Christmas Trees

  • Many cities will collect trees at the curb for the two weeks following Christmas, making treecycling a convenient option
  • Many cities chip or shred trees to produce mulch, which is often provided free of charge to citizens for their gardens
  • Christmas trees placed in landfills produce methane when they decompose or are incinerated

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Frequent Treecycling Questions

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