Find a location to recycle furniture in your area

Furniture is more often reused than recycled, but there are companies that recycle furniture available that will break down old furniture to find new life as other products. Also, thrift stores, supply companies and charity organizations will accept furniture for resale and reuse.

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Frequent Furniture Recycling Questions

Can I recycle furniture in my bin?

This depends on where you live. Some cities have special bulk recycling days when residents can put old furniture out on the curb, while others require that you arrange a pick-up. Some cities do not offer curbside pick up. Jump to our recycling locator to find your local recycling services. Also consider donating old furniture to charity.

Does size or weight matter?

This depends on where you live. If curbside pick up for bulky items is offered in your city or town, check to see if there are size or weight restrictions. Some municipalities also have restrictions on the number of furniture items you can have picked up within a certain time period.

Do I need to disassemble furniture before I recycle it?

Typically, you do not need to disassemble furniture before recycling it. However, pick up services may ask that you tape down or remove doors, drawers or glass to prevent injuries.

Can I write off furniture donation?

Yes, you can note a deduction for furniture donation on your taxes. Be sure to get an itemized receipt from the organization to which you donate.
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