How to Recycle Glass

When it comes to glass recycling, there’s container glass … and everything else. That’s because non-containers are treated with chemicals to make them more durable, but this reduces the recycling market for things like windows, mirrors, light bulbs and glassware.

Glass Recycling Tips

  1. Do your best to prevent glass from breaking. Not only is broken glass dangerous for you, but it has little recycling value. If glass breaks, wrap it in a plastic bag before throwing away so sanitation workers won’t get injured handling it.
  2. For windows and mirrors, you’ll need to find a construction and demolition (C&D) recycler to process the material. These companies don’t want to take one unit (especially if it’s broken), so unless you are a contractor, you’ll likely need to schedule a bulk waste pick-up with your local municipality’s solid waste office for your mirrors and windows.

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