How to Recycle Household Cleaners

It’s all about choices and doing what’s best for the environment – a goal that’s important for all of us. One area where each of us can make a positive contribution is in the way we purchase, use and dispose of cleaning products. It’s important that you dispose of household cleaners properly. And when the bottles are empty you need to recycle household cleaners bottles properly.

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Frequent Household Cleaners Recycling Questions

Can I recycle plastic Household cleaner bottles in my curbside recycling?

First, check the label to be sure other disposal instructions aren’t specified. Next, check with your curbside recycling guidelines or jump to the recycling locator, to see what type of plastic is accepted. If the plastic type is accepted, be sure to empty any unused product prior to recycling.

Do household cleaners expire?

They can, yes. Check the label or packaging for an expiration date and for instructions for proper use that will help you maximize the product’s life span.

If you find yourself with leftover product that you’re unlikely to use up, consider giving it to a friend or local organization so it doesn’t go to waste. Just be sure to keep the packaging and label intact.

Should I pour leftover cleaner down the drain?

Most household cleaning products are designed to go down the drain as part of normal usage. However, be sure to check the label to see if directions are provided.

If there are no directions, think about how you use the product. If it mixes with water, it’s water-soluble. Most liquid, gel and powder water-soluble household cleaning products can be disposed of down the drain with running water – just like when you use them.

Most solid products (soap scouring pads, sticks, towelettes, etc.) can be placed in the trash. For other products such as oven cleaners, crystal drain openers and furniture polishes, call or write the manufacturer for disposal recommendations, or check with your local waste disposal facility.

Are there any laws about disposing of household cleaners?

Some household cleaning materials are considered hazardous to the environment if disposed of improperly. Though laws vary, it is commonly illegal to improperly discard household hazardous waste. Check the label of the product you own for proper disposal instructions, or with your local household hazardous waste facility to confirm your best options.

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