How to Recycle Paperboard

An everyday example of paperboard is a cereal box. It’s rather easy to recycle paperboard because it’s accepted by most curbside programs. If you are in the market to buy paperboard, look for 100 percent recycled content.

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Frequent Paperboard Recycling Questions

What’s the difference between paperboard and cardboard?

Many people mistake paperboard and cardboard for the same thing. Paperboard items have one layer, while corrugated cardboard items have three layers – two flat pieces sandwiched around a middle wavy layer.

Even though these two materials are in the paper family, they are recycled and processed differently because they differ in quality.

Can I recycle paperboard if it’s wet or soiled?

The majority of recycling programs request that you make sure paperboard is clean and dry to avoid contamination, as sorting and processing machinery can be damaged by soiled materials.