ByMegan Malone

Jan 21, 2014 ,
The perfect pair of skinny jeans is just 5 minutes away. Photo: Shutterstock.
The perfect pair of skinny jeans is just five minutes away. Photo: Shutterstock

When it comes to jeans, the perfect fit can be hard to find. And for anyone on a budget, it can sometimes be near impossible. But don’t despair — you can turn an old pair of jeans from the back of your closet (or the shelves of a thrift store) into jeans so tight that even the hippest of hipsters will be swooning.

Blogger Jen at iCandy Handmade provides a great tutorial on how to turn a not-so-flattering pair of pants into stylish skinny jeans. Check out her simple step-by-step tutorial, complete with helpful photos. Head’s up: her fix requires a sewing machine, but the stitches are simple and fast.

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