Teen girls flock to their local boutiques late winter and early spring each year in hopes to finding THE one. The dress they have dreamt about since watching their favorite teen movie star have a moment in the spotlight as they performed a slow walk down the staircase to meet their prince, more commonly known as their date to the high school prom.

The bill at the dress shop adds up quickly, because of course there isn’t just the dress – one must have the perfect shoes, purse and jewelry to complete the ensemble. So at the end of the day, hundreds of dollars are spent on this magical masterpiece that is worn, for one night?

Yes, but it doesn’t have to be!

There are many events hosted in communities to not only help out the pocket book, but also provide recycled ensembles – again, most likely worn only one time – to teens looking to dress their best for their special night. According to the Muscatine Journal, the third annual Recycle the Dress in Muscatine, Iowa originally developed from the local solid waste manager as a way to help local teens save money and also provide the right outlet for community members to recycle their special occasion dresses and accessories.

So, whether you’re a teen in search of THE outfit or a member of the community who may have several special occasion pieces on the verge of collecting dust in your closet, check out your local resources to see if there is an event like Recycle the Dress.


And as always, check out our recycling guide to see where you can recycle your clothing and accessories in your local community.