We Earthlings: Gas-Powered Yard Tool CO2 Emissions

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Did you know that a gas-powered lawnmower emits 88 pounds of CO2 annually? The other gas-powered two-stroke engines used in yard tools such as blowers and trimmers contribute more CO2. Gas-powered lawn and garden tools contributed between 24 percent and 45 percent of the non-road gasoline emissions in the United States. By making the switch to electric alternatives, you and your neighbors can make a bigger difference in the battle against global warming.

Data Source: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency provided this data in a 2015 report, “National Emissions from Lawn and Garden Equipment.”

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Switch from gas-powered garden equipment to electric to reduce CO2 emissions.

This post was originally published on October 15, 2019.

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  1. I like the idea of switching to an electric mower. I have an electric trimmer/edger already and love it. I had an electric mower a few years back (6?), but the problem I ran into was a lack of people to do maintenance on them. Mine (a Ryobi) stopped working, and NOBODY would touch it — checked Home Depot and local lawnmower repair shops. I had to give it away to someone and chose to go back to gas-powered. I wonder if the repair situation has improved since then…?

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