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How often can you email the farmer that grew the cotton that created the T-shirt that you’re wearing?

Seriously, how remarkable is the fact that you can contact every single supplier and grower in the lifecycle of your apparel? It is extremely rare, but it’s just the way that business is done at Mindful Supply Co. in Greensboro, North Carolina.

‘Forgotten NC’

Located in the heart of North Carolina’s textile production area, where American jobs are rapidly disappearing due to outsourcing to foreign countries, Mindful Supply Co. is unabashedly proud of how their clothing is entirely grown and made in the U.S.A.

David Grubbs and Derek Glass started the company in 2012, after seeing so many jobs leave the country, devastating families that were left in the area.

With professional backgrounds in design and textiles, Grubbs and Glass decided to create a company that would put Americans back to work, while providing complete transparency as to who was involved in the creation of their t-shirts and sweatshirts. Locally produced products using water-based non-toxic dyes and inks lower the carbon footprint traditionally associated with the industry.

Get to know the origins of your original clothing piece

With the tracking feature on the company’s website, every supplier from the farmer to the graphic designer is featured, along with contact information. You’ll see a picture of Ronnie Burleson, a third generation farmer growing cotton in Richfield, NC. You’ll see the gin where Burleson’s nephew then processes the cotton. Discover the third generation family-owned company of Granite Knitwear, where the shirts are cut and sewn. At TS Designs, the printing and dyeing are done for Mindful Supply Co.’s shirts, as well as for mainly local, environmental and socially-conscious businesses.

With headquarters in North Carolina, much of Mindful Supply Co.’s designs celebrate the Tarheel state. Graphic designs feature images of the outline of the state of North Carolina, with the word “Local” or “Native” emblazoned across. Or there are the “Sweet Home Carolina” and “Made in the South” t-shirts that are favorites with southerners.

There are plenty of non-southern options available, too, for consumers who care about supporting local farms and businesses and supporting a company that believes in total transparency of its supply chain.

Not content to just promote locally sourced clothing, Mindful Supply Co. has also started highlighting local artists, too, to bring awareness to their work. Recent features have included pottery mugs made in the area.

From dirt to shirt, Mindful Supply Co. is blazing a unique and innovative method of allowing consumers to know exactly where and how their clothing is made. Wouldn’t it be nice if more clothing companies could also do the same?

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By Kimberly Button

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