Looking to expand your storage space without splurging on a new shed? Consider making one from reclaimed wood. Not only is it sustainable, but it also adds rustic allure to your backyard. Follow our step-by-step guide to building a roomy shed from reclaimed materials.

Follow the steps we recorded when we were tasked with relocating a horse stable to a new site and repurposing the wood salvaged during the deconstruction into a spacious shed. For a walkthrough, check out our video documenting our reclaimed wood shed build on YouTube.

Reclaimed wood is available from a variety of sources, including Home Depot, local lumber dealers, from renovation projects (look for barn renovators to find a wide range of planks), and even online from Stikwood, Centennial Woods, Woody Walls, and Urban Wood Goods, among others.

Step 1: Design Your Shed

Sketch your shed’s size and shape, considering its purpose—be it storage, workspace, or else. Incorporate measurements into your design. If you’re at a loss for inspiration or drawing skills, designs are available for purchase and free online.

Step 2: Gather Your Supplies

First, collect the necessary materials and tools.

  • Reclaimed wood for framing and walls
  • Roofing materials (shingles or metal sheets)
  • Nails or screws
  • Saw
  • Hammer or drill
  • Level
  • Measuring tape
  • Safety glasses

Step 3: Prepare the Building Site

Clear debris and level the ground where you’ll build your shed, ensuring a stable base.

Step 4: Construct the Frame

Using reclaimed wood or, if you could not source used 2x4s or 4x4s, new lumber, start by building the shed frame. Cut and join pieces securely, ensuring level and square alignment.

Step 5: Erect the Walls

Attach reclaimed wood panels to the frame, leaving space for a door. If you need to learn how to frame a door, check this excellent wikiHow article.

Step 6: Install the Roof

Follow manufacturer instructions to install the roof using chosen materials. Ensure a secure, watertight fit.

Take the Next Step: Personalize Your Shed

Add final touches such as shelves, hooks, paint, or windows to customize your shed to your liking.

Crafting a spacious shed from reclaimed wood offers both sustainability and style, providing extra storage without breaking the bank. Follow these steps to create an environmentally-friendly, functional shed you’ll take pride in. Happy building!

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Michael Martin and Nikki Rixon started their business Reclaim Design in 2013. Subscribe to their YouTube channel for more videos filled with practical advice, eco-friendly tips, and inspiration to help you live a more sustainable life.

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