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Oct 8, 2015
Upcycled belts made into shelving

Recycling old belts – whether they are worn, dated, or just don’t fit your figure anymore – can go far beyond donating them to a thrift store. If you have got a sentimental attachment to a belt, but the fashion accessory is not suited for you anymore, check out these unique ways to upcycle a belt.

Fashion Accessory: Part Deux

Though no longer suited to wrap around your waist, that belt might be great for wrapping around your wrist. Belts are ideal upcycle materials for creating bracelets, whether individual bangles (see this DIY tutorial) or wrapped cuffs.

Pet Collars

The furry friend in your household might need a fashion update, too (or maybe you’d just like to see something other than a boring stained nylon collar every time you take your dog for a walk). Either way, these instructions show how to turn an old belt into a pet collar.

Upcycled belt camera holder/strap
Image and inspiration courtesy of ByWilma.

Hold Your Electronics

Need a sturdy, yet stylish, camera strap? Forget plain old black nylon straps and fashion a belt into a camera strap with this DIY tutorial.

Create Furniture

Sure, you need to have quite a few belts for these projects, but weaving belts of all widths and colors together can create a sitting area that is also a conversation piece. From lawn chairs to desk chairs, old belts lend a strappy style as seen in this photo gallery by Scraphacker. Check out DIY instructions from Buildipedia.


Not only can belts be woven to create seats and back rests for chairs, the fashion accessory can make flooring stylish, too. Whether woven into a throw rug, or adhered to a subfloor in strips (such as this leather belt “tile”), using recycled belts is a statement of sustainability – and chic design.

Upcycled belts made into flooring
Image and inspiration courtesy of hiconsumption.

Drawer Pulls

You don’t need to craft large scale pieces of home decor to add a funky touch to your house with recycled belts. Instead, use belts as an accent piece on furniture. This craft works best with leather belts which can be cut and attached to furniture pieces. Pick your favorite design, such as a tab drawer pull, or more traditional drawer handle.

Feature image courtesy of EcoChicInteriors

By Kimberly Button

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