ByLuria Petrucci

Jun 4, 2015

Does the idea of farm fresh food make your mouth water? Me too! But if you live in or around a city, it may seem pretty far fetched to work that into your lifestyle! Well …  maybe not …

Turns out, there are stores, even within city limits, where their goal is to get YOU fresh food directly from farms around you. This gives you the opportunity to include fresh, organic food without chemicals into your eating habits.

It’s a wonderful concept and Frisco Farm Stop has done a fantastic job at implementing the idea. They have a 100 year old house where they’ve set up their shop and they even have more than just fresh fruits and vegetables. You can find locally made pasta, meat, honey, coffee and more!

Look for an interview with the owners of the Frisco Farm Stop soon!

We encourage you to take #SmallSteps in your life! What’s one thing you can substitute in your habits? Whether it’s replacing regular milk for organic milk. Or buying organic veggies instead. Or maybe finding a local spot that serves organic coffee with natural sweeteners instead of going to a big name where you’ll find all kinds of preservatives.

Just hit Google for “Farm to Fork Stores” or “Farm to Table Restaurants” and most likely, you’ll be able to find some options in your local area!

The trick is starting small and growing from there. How are you making sure you know where your food comes from?

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By Luria Petrucci

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