Did you know that we use more than 65 billion pieces of paper every day? EVERY DAY!

What are some #SmallSteps that we can take in order to use less paper without harming our workflows?

This video is brought to you by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), the voice of the recycling industry.


When you do have to use paper

  • Print on both sides and lessen your usage by about 50%. There’s usually no real reason we need to print only on a single side.
  • But if you do, then use the other side for scratch paper and handwritten notes… brainstorming sessions.
  • Or kids drawings!

Use digital Note apps for what you used to do on Post-Its:

You don’t have to print in order to sign anymore!

What about receipts?

  • Ask stores to email you the receipt instead of print
  • When you DO wind up with paper receipts, scan them using devices like the Neat Receipts.

It takes effort and it takes practice to change habits we’ve had for our entire lives. But it can be worth it!

What Small Steps are YOU taking? We’d love to hear with your comments below!

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