As a child, did you ever dream of a super high tech futuristic home? Automated gadgets and gizmos a la The Jetsons and Orbit City.  There are literally hundreds if not thousands of eco home technology options on the market today – technologies that save both financial and natural resources (and your time too).  The future is quite possibly now.  Let’s take a look.

Home automation gets its day

The following highlights just some of the home automation technologies showcased at Home Automation Demo Day, recently held in Seattle, Washington.  Call these technologies the offspring of a marriage between geek tech and eco-consciousness.  Ready to meet the eco home family?


Heatworks is out to revolutionize the water heater industry billing themselves their invention as ‘the world’s most advanced water heater’ .  The super energy efficient water heater uses a current of electricity to heat the water as opposed to traditional models which rely on convection heating.  This method is much more efficient and effective and offers the ability to provide endless hot water without relying on conventional heating elements.

Heatworks model 1 - Image courtesy of Heatworks
Heatworks model 1 – Image courtesy of Heatworks
Plum intelligence screen – Image courtesy of Plum


Plum is changing the way we will interact with the light switches at home.  Their light switches are linked to a smartphone app that allows a homeowner to control the lighting in their house from anywhere.

The creators originally envisioned the product as a security solution (i.e. the ability to remotely control lights to make a house appear occupied).  However, the invention also inherently saves electricity by ensuring unnecessary lights are turned off even if you are not home to do so.

From their literature – ‘We don’t see “the home of the future” or a “smart home.” We just see a better way to live. Our aim is to craft product experiences that change your life without getting in your way.’

Chai Energy

Chai Energy delivers real-time energy usage in a home to assist home owners in reducing wastefulness in their energy consumption. Billed as your ‘utility watchdog’, Chai Energy’s technology ‘will tell you exactly how and where you’re spending your hard-earned energy dollars in your home and can help identify big savings opportunities on your next electric bill.’


Sentri has an HD camera and built-in sensor to track a home’s vital stats and trends such as temperature and air quality.  Wanting intelligence on your home’s environmental vital signs and secured status?  Sentri could be your solution.

Sentri intelligence screen – Image courtesy of Sentri.

Intelligence booster 

Do you envision any of the above products would work well in your home?  Why or why not? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Feature image courtesy of Chiara Cremaschi

By Tori Wilson

Victoria (Tori) Wilson currently works at her home state's EPA. She graduated from the University of Dayton with a degree in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Environmental Engineering. Tori’s favorite activities include volleyball, 3D puzzles, reading, journaling, trying out new plant based whole food dish ideas, coloring, watching comedy or action movies, and hiking. She just welcomed a new puppy into her life as well!