bowl of cookie batter, wooden spoon
ingredients for making buttermilk substitute
Photo: Joy the Baker


Some baking ingredients have multiple substitution options, and buttermilk is one of these. The substitutions may not produce quite the same flavor in your baked goods, but generally speaking, they get the job done.

Blogger Joy Wilson from Joy the Baker offers several easy substitutes so you can replace buttermilk with ingredients you already have at home. Most of her recipes call for milk, but Wilson also offers a non-dairy option using almond milk. Visit Joy the Baker for instructions for the best buttermilk substitutes. And be sure to check out her scrumptious-sounding recipes that use buttermilk!

Do you have your own tricks for handy baking substitutions?

Feature image by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

Editor’s note: Originally published on July 16, 2013, this article was updated in May 2019.