ByChase Ezell

Nov 8, 2019
Table set for holiday entertaining

Cork. It boasts itself as one of the top 10 rapidly renewable materials. Environmentally friendly, cork (harvested from oak trees) production is sustainable in that only the cork bark is harvested and the cork oak tree itself is not cut down. Cork is 100 percent recyclable and completely biodegradable, reducing waste in landfills.

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, cork offers multiple uses beyond the standard wine stopper.

Cork wine stoppers

Based in the Windy City (Chicago, Illinois), the eco-conscious folks at Corkology have committed to promoting sustainability through the design and manufacture of affordable cork products. Their philosophy is that just because it is green does not mean it has to be expensive.

Corkology has hand-crafted several cork products that would complement any upcoming holiday entertaining you may have planned. All of their products are:

  • Biodegradable
  • Handmade in the USA
  • All natural
  • Reusable
  • Socially responsible
  • Recyclable

We’ll toast to that!

Getting Charged Up

Somewhere along the way, decorating underneath your plate became a “thing.” I can’t say I get it, but hey, what do I know about entertaining? What I do know is that plate coasters — known as “chargers” — come in all shapes and sizes these days. Why not jazz up your seated holiday meal — and protect your dining room table — with Corkology’s eco-friendly plate chargers? Made from structural cork and finished with USP mineral oil for easy cleaning, these decorative, sturdy, and functional cork chargers have a sophisticated and organic appeal.

Corkology cork plate charger
Corkology plate chargers

Coasting Along

Now, if you’re looking for a fun and festive alternative to traditional cup coasters, Corkology has several different choices there, too, including the following cork coaster sets:

Each set contains six cork coasters.

Corkology Cork Coasters - Antique Bikes
Corkology Antique Bicycles cork coaster set

Here’s a Cool Idea

Looking for an uber-cool way to chill the wine that will be residing in the glasses atop the coasters? Check our Corkology’s cork wine chiller bucket.

Corkology cork wine chiller
Cork wine chiller bucket

A Cork Reminder

Now, all you have to do is stock up on food and drink — and invite the guests! This cork bulletin board might help you remember.

Corkology bulletin board
Corkology bulletin board

Feature image courtesy of Jay Santiago 

Editor’s note: Originally published on October 26, 2015, this article was updated in November 2019.

By Chase Ezell

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