Creating a care regimen for your high-quality knit garments can lower your environmental impact and be a cost-effective alternative to buying new clothes at today’s unsustainable pace. Although the concept of sustainability is subjective in the fashion world, professional knitwear repair can help you extend the life of your favorite items and save you money in the long run. Wool knitwear is not only durable, it’s one of the most sustainable textiles you can own in your wardrobe.

You may have heard of the term “disposable society”, but what exactly does that mean in terms of sustainable fashion? As with any consumer goods, very few products are designed to last anymore, and that includes the clothing that we wear. Unfortunately, this economic trend impacts not only your bank account, but our planet. As Lisa Smith explained on Investopedia, using throw-away materials not only guarantees that you’ll purchase the same items over and over, but results in pure profits for the manufacturer.

However, smart shoppers can take steps in protecting their wallet. Buying durably-made goods, including better quality clothing, is a wise investment that helps incorporate  environmentally-conscious habits into your lifestyle.

How Wearing & Caring For Knitwear Can Benefit The Environment

As individuals have become more aware of environmental concerns and reducing their carbon footprint, it has also impacted the way people shop for clothing. Sustainable knitwear has grown in popularity over the past few years, and frequently graces fashion show runways and global fashion trends. Milli Abrams, founder of Tribe Yarns recently explained that knitting “helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by providing high-quality and long lasting clothing pieces, resulting in less disposable wardrobes…(and) a smaller wardrobe full of items that are loved”.

While you may not be knitting your own sweaters, choosing high-quality knitwear items constructed of wool, cotton, silk, or other natural fibers will last you longer, especially if you use expert knit repair services to maintain them.

Knitwear, which dominated clothing for centuries, has made a comeback as a sustainable leader within the fashion industry.

Slow and Steady

The concept of “slow fashion” – the buying strategy that emphasizes quality over quantity – is core to knitwear, which continues its growth in popularity among the eco-conscious.

In addition to their durability and timeless aesthetic, high-quality knitted articles can become staples in one’s wardrobe, reducing the need to replace cheaply-made items. They are also durable enough to pass along or resell when you have no more desire to wear a piece.


Recent technological advancements in textile science have improved the materials used in knitwear, including eco-friendly yarns, as well as brands using recycled/upcycled materials in their garments.

Better Technology Means Less Waste

Another development in the knitwear industry includes the usage of 3D knitting technology that allows fashion brands to create single-piece garments. By eliminating the need for sewing and cutting, these 3D knitting machines can help reduce waste.

Sweater & Garment Repair: How The Knitwear Experts Can Help

When you choose premium knitwear clothing, you’re not only making an investment in your wardrobe, but choosing sustainable resources that can ultimately help to reduce your carbon footprint. Taking proper care of your favorite knit garments is essential to extending their longevity. And take the time to find a professional knit repair expert who can maintain your cherished knitwear pieces.

Sweater Repair Reboot

Using a process known as reknitting, sweater repair experts use the yarn from your original garment to reknit the damaged area to match the style and pattern. This highly-skilled repair is done by hand and often requires a magnifying glass to ensure it’s done properly.

Knit Restyling To The Rescue

Perhaps you’ve got a sweater you love, but hate the turtleneck? Or a great cardigan, but the sleeves are too long? A repair expert can also redesign your clothing, removing or adding to make it match your dream look.

My company, AlterKnit, offers knit restyling and repair for your treasured garments. Trust us to bring your favorite pieces back to life!

Take Action to Extend Your Wardrobe’s Useful Life

Repairing and maintaining your prized knit pieces can actually save you money in the long run. That’s because professional knitwear repair is usually cheaper than buying new, especially if it’s a high-end designer piece.

Your sweaters, shawls and other knitwear don’t need to go to landfill just because they have a little snag, pull, hole, tear or evidence of moth damage. By implementing a plan of knitwear care and using professional services to maintain your favorite items of clothing, you can help combat the “disposable society” mindset that most industries have forced consumers into. You may not be saving the planet, per se, but at least you’re not contributing to its destruction by throwing your damaged knitwear away.

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