solar-powered garden lighting

If you’re searching for new solar technology but not sure where to start, outdoor solar lighting is a great step into the world of solar products. However, try to limit your use of outdoor lighting whenever possible, because light pollution not only obscures the stars for people, it can confuse wildlife and disrupt migratory bird routes. Whether you need lighting around your home, on a camping trip, or as an addition to an emergency supply kit, there is a solar lighting option that will fit your needs.

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Solar Headlamps

A necessity for any camping trip, headlamps come in handy if you bike at night and around the home as well. You’ll pay just $25 for the HybridLight solar headlamp, available on Amazon. It features 30 hours of power on a full charge. Rechargeable from any light source when it’s connected to its solar panel, you can also charge it via USB. Of the many positive reviews on Amazon, several mention that it holds a charge for a long time. This will quell any worries about losing charge at night with no option to repower until the morning.

HybridLight solar headlight
HybridLight solar headlamp from Amazon

We also love the modern MPOWERED headlamp/flashlight combo from Bespoke Post, which is a little pricier at $65. It has three brightness settings and a red light setting, which helps preserve your night vision for star-gazing and is less likely to disrupt your companions’ sleep or disturb wildlife. The combo light quickly transforms from a headlight to a flashlight and, like the HybridLight, can be charged by its solar panel or via USB if the sun isn’t shining.

Lantern-Style Solar Lights

This waterproof Pearlstar solar lantern comes in a set of two to light up your backyard with retro style. You can place these lanterns on the ground or a table or hang them from their built-in hook. They’re an affordable set at the list price of $32.99. For a more ornate style, the rust-resistant LUSHARBOR metal solar lantern comes in a selection of patterns and colors for $20 each. Use one to add ambiance to your table, or create a set for unique lighting in your patio or along a walkway.

Pearlstar solar lantern
Pearlstar solar lantern from Amazon

For a sportier option that’s perfect for a camping trip, we love this inflatable solar lantern from LuminAID for $30. It’s lightweight and deflates to lie flat, making it easy to pack and transport. It has a backup micro USB charge option, which recharges the lantern in one to two hours versus 10 hours for the solar recharge.

LuminAID inflatable solar lantern
Inflatable solar lantern from LuminAID

Outdoor String Lights

No backyard patio or outdoor seating area seems complete without string lights. For a classic-looking option, take a look at the LED string lights with retro Edison bulbs that are waterproof and shatterproof. With three options for length and four options for light color, you can tailor these string lights perfectly to your outdoor space. They’re available from LightPros for $41 to $69, depending on length.

A convenient option for camping trips or RV setups is this unique $70 tangle-free string light from online retailer, Uncommon Goods. The power unit doubles as storage with a built-in reel so you can easily wind and unwind the string lights when you’re setting up or tearing down your campsite. The small shatterproof bulbs relieve any concern of breaking bulky glass bulbs, giving you one less thing to worry about.

tangle-free string light from Common Goods
Tangle-free string lights from Common Goods

Solar-Powered Landscape Lights

Last on the solar light roundup is landscape lighting. Among the many types of landscape lighting, two of the most common options are path/area lighting and spotlights.

For a path/area lighting option, this Hampton Bay path light has a classic look that would suit almost any style of home. It comes with a ground spike that you can easily push into the grass along paths and driveways or in landscaped areas. For just $6.88 at Home Depot, this is an affordable option to line a path or driveway with multiple fixtures.

T-SUN Solar-Powered Landscape Spotlight
T-SUN solar landscape spotlight from Amazon

For spotlights or uplighting, this T-SUN solar spotlight has a list price of $32.99 on Amazon. With its compact size, it won’t be visually distracting in your garden beds. The light head can tilt 180 degrees, allowing you to find the best angle to direct toward your home or landscaping features. The solar panel can tilt 90 degrees, so you can adjust the panel for optimal sun exposure.

More To Explore

You’ll find almost every type of outdoor light you need in solar form once you start searching. has an entire outdoor solar lighting collection with decorative lanterns, landscape lighting, and more. On Home Depot’s website, you can use a filter to search for solar lighting options. If you’re interested in other solar-powered gadgets, check out these options for solar-powered gear or green camping gear to grow your own solar revolution.

By Abby Kansal Schack

Abby Kansal Schack is a sustainability and outdoors enthusiast with an M.S. in Sustainability and a background in horticulture. She lives in Illinois and enjoys gardening, yoga, and woodworking.