smiling young woman holds holiday gift

Holiday season 2020 will look a little different than usual. You may be doing a lot of your gift-giving by mail and watching the women in your life open their gifts via videoconference. The kind of gifts you give may satisfy constant needs rather than frivolous wants. No matter where you are or how you plan to celebrate, it’s still possible to track down sustainable, eco-friendly presents for the women on your gift list.

Gift Sets

The gift boxes from Charlotte’s Web offer “inner peace in a box” with gift sets for calm, sleep, and recovery. Made with hemp-derived CBD, the contents of the boxes include infused gummies, oils, and roll-ons – sustainably packaged goodies that take self-care to the next level and are the perfect antidote to the pervading stress of 2020.

Charlotte's Web sleep gift set
Charlotte’s Web sleep gift set

Multi-Use Items

The mission at LastObject is to create objects that replace single-use items and can be reused hundreds and even thousands of times. Create a goodie bag of reusable and sustainable alternatives to single-use items with LastRound (cotton pads), LastSwab (cotton swabs), or LastTissue (handkerchief).

The company’s latest initiative is LastMask x Spray, which aims to attack the pandemic’s toll on the environment – over 4.2 billion single-use masks are thrown out every day and, according to Waste Free Ocean, each one takes 450 years to decompose. The product includes a face mask and refillable sanitizer spray in a compact silicon carry case that can be washed and repacked hundreds of times.

LastMask and sanitizer spray

Stocking Stuffers

Sometimes the best gift for the lady in your life is a carefully curated collection of eco-friendly goodies that are useful and encourage her to pamper herself.

  • SOPHi nail polish gift sets are all-natural and free of harsh, smelly chemicals.
  • The softest, smoothest lip balms made of organic herbs and oils from Earth Mama Organics are available in yummy quadruplets.
  • Hand sanitizers are in high demand now, so tuck in a gift of soothing lavender, denatured without toxic chemicals, from Earth Mama or a refreshing blueberry from Earth to Skin.
  • Tuck in a few reusable cotton face masks, like the three-layer versions from SwaddleDesigns or the Independence collection from Indie Source, both companies that have temporarily converted their production facilities to manufacture cloth masks for the good of the community.
earth mama lip balm
Earth Mama lip balms


There are very few women who don’t love a carefully selected piece of jewelry to complement their style. Moxie Malas is in the business of curating calm with their crystal healing and aromatherapy jewelry that can be combined with pure essential oils.

Some bracelets are made of mineraloids like shungite, which is promoted as helping to absorb and neutralize EMF radiation. Still others are intended to help the wearer achieve balance. Select the right bracelet for the person on your list whose intentions always include helping the earth find balance within itself.

Moxie Malas bracelet
Moxie Malas bracelet

Cleaning Products

Once upon a time, gifting someone you love with cleaning products was considered a major faux pas. In this coronavirus year, you know exactly who will be overjoyed when they receive a gift of wipes and sprays that are so difficult to find in stores.

CleanWell uses Thymol, a plant-based active ingredient derived from thyme and other herbs, to fight germs without risk of harsh chemical exposure for yourself or the environment, as well as a nice herbal scent. These botanical disinfectant cleaners and wipes kill 99.99% of household germs and viruses and are on the EPA’s List N of disinfectants that are for use against SARS-CoV-2.

YVY Naturals also offers eco-friendly cleaning products in a monthly subscription box. One free refillable bottle and six pods are high-performance cleaning agents, and this is the only cleaning brand that saves 83% plastic with reusable capsules.

Goodies for Mama

For the pregnant or new mama in your circle, bāeo plant-based, sustainable organic skincare line offers sweet gift sets of bare essentials, beautifully packaged in a reusable, ethically sourced bag, including shampoo and body wash, a soothing face stick, lip balm, body butter, and body cream – good for mom or baby!

bāeo gift set
bāeo bare essentials gift set

Water Bottle

You can never have too many reusable water bottles, as every purchase saves the world from pollution by plastic water bottles. The Welly Bottle offers stylish and sustainable drinkware in minimalist designs and supports global water charities that ensure clean water for those who need it most. This bottle, made with natural, renewable bamboo, has a removable infuser if you want to brew tea or naturally flavor water with fruit.

Welly reusable bottle
Welly bottle


Bringing a little of the outdoors inside is especially welcome for those who have spent far too much time hunkered down in 2020. The Succulents Box is a plant subscription box that delivers low-maintenance, organically grown succulents that you can curate into a highly personalized custom gift box.

Sustainable Gifts for Women

It isn’t difficult to find earth-friendly holiday gifts for the women on your gift list. Look to locally sourced options as often as you can, read up on a company’s packaging and shipping practices, and trust that there are always ways to green your gifts. Sometimes, it’s what a thing is made of that matters most, and sometimes it’s simply the thought that counts.