Pop Quiz! Eco-Questions for Trivia Buffs

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Taking care of the earth isn’t all fun and games, but it can be sometimes. This eco-quiz is equal parts entertaining and educational. So test your knowledge and see just how much you know — scroll past the photos to get each answer, and if a particular topic piques your interest, read more by following the “get more information” link after each question. Good luck!

1. According NASA, what percent of Planet Earth is water?

Photo: NASA.gov

Answer: 71 percent

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2. True or false: It’s acceptable to toss used automotive oil in with regular residential trash.

Recycle motor oil

Photo: Shutterstock

Answer: False

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3. Unplugging your printer when not in use reduces energy waste and potentially saves about how much annually: $12, $60 or $130?

Photo: Shutterstock

Answer: $130. Woo-hoo!

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4. What pointy plant with a reptilian name is valuable for improving indoor air quality and adding oxygen while reducing formaldehyde, smog and trichloroethylene?

Photo: Adobe Stock

Answer: Snake plant

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5. IKEA announced in October 2017 a national recycling program for what product?

Photo: Adobe Stock

Answer: Mattresses

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6. If Bubble Wrap isn’t accepted in your residential recycling program, what is an easily accessible possible drop-off point?

Photo: Shutterstock

Answer: Supermarkets or other stores with recycling bins for plastic bags

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7. What date is recognized as Earth Day in the United States and other parts of the world?

Photo: Shutterstock

Answer: April 22

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8. Another annual event in April, also popular with eco-enthusiasts, focuses on the role trees play in the environment. What is the name of that day?

Photo: g-stockstudio / Shutterstock

Answer: Arbor Day

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9. Patagonia produces some of its apparel using a polyester fabric that includes what upcycled items?

Patagonia jacket

Photo: Patagonia

Answer: Plastic bottles

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10. While different rules apply based on where you live, which of the following are usually not appropriate for residential recycling pickup: hoses, beverage cans, food boxes, boxes with food residue, bowling balls or cardboard?

Photo: Adobe Stock

Answer: Hoses, boxes with food residue, bowling balls

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11. How many trees does recycling a ton of paper save: 6, 17 or 100?

Photo: Shutterstock

Answer: 17

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12. True or false: These items are often accepted with regular paper recycling: envelopes with windows, books, paper bags.

Abstract made of books

Photo: Shutterstock

Answer: True

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13. In a pinch, what square plastic item from food packaging sometimes works as quick fix for a torn flip-flop?

Photo: Adobe Stock

Answer: Bread-bag clip

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14. Within 10, what is the number of National Forests in the United States?


Photo: Kaibab National Forest

Answer: 154 (144 to 164 accepted)

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15. Kerala, an ecotourism destination with palm-tree-lined beaches, forest, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, is in what Asian nation?

Photo: Eco Companion

Answer: India

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16. According to data from the Solar Energy Industries Association, which of these Fortune 500 firms was the top solar user based on its 2016 report: Target, IKEA or Walmart?

Photo: Shutterstock

Answer: Target

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17. In standard recycling symbols, a number inside a triangle on a plastic object identifies the type of plastic. How many  different numbers are used in this system?

Photo: Adobe Stock

Answer: 7

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18. What is a water-efficient alternative to sprinklers for watering your yard?

Lawn sprinkler

Photo: Justin Chiaratti

Answer: Drip irrigation

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19. To avoid wasting water from evaporation, what part of day is preferable for watering lawns and plants?

Two lettuce plants

Photo: Andrew Perkins

Answer: Early morning

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20. For what product did Samsung Electronics America win the 2016 Design for Recycling Award issued by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries? A television, a telephone or a refrigerator?

Photo: ISRI

Answer: A television

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How Did You Do?

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