ByChase Ezell

Jun 4, 2015

A farm-to-fork market located in Frisco, Texas, Frisco Farm Stop specializes in locally-sourced, organic produce and products. Open since March 2015 and located in the heart of downtown Frisco, Texas, Frisco Farm Stop caters to those seeking local, organic fruits and vegetables and everything in between – meats, pastas, nuts, grains, eggs, juices, etc.

Editor’s note: Frisco Farm Stop and Earth on Tap are no longer in business.

“Our market is the perfect place for anyone who truly wants to know where their food comes from,” says Frisco Farm Stop co-owner Blythe.

Frisco Farm Stop owners Monika Rubin and Blythe Weston.
Frisco Farm Stop owners Monika and Blythe.

A love story 

The story of how Frisco Farm Stop all began is filled with love…and bees. A stay-at-home mother at the time, Blythe was looking for a new hobby – bees.  After purchasing the bees, Blythe began to cultivate honey and bee pollen from home. It was a labor of love, and one that would soon collide with another love story.

Not knowing each other before, Frisco Farm Stop owners Blythe and Monika first met through on their children. After months of hearing her (then) kindergarten daughter Blakelyn talk about the ‘love of her life’, Blythe thought to herself – I need to meet Landon’s mother (Monika).  After inviting Monika to their home, conversation transitioned from kids and shared interests into the idea of expanding her honey and pollen business – enter Bee True Products.

A simple home beekeeping hobby quickly morphed into Bee True Products being sold at local farmers markets across Dallas/Fort Worth. From there the idea of Frisco Farm Stop was created. After speaking to the ranchers and farmers at the markets, Monika and Blythe loved the idea of having farm fresh goods 6 days a week.

Frisco Farm Stop Green by choice

In addition to offering local, organic products, Frisco Farm Stop strives to reduce waste whenever possible.  The market itself has reduced its environmental footprint by utilizing an old historic home repurposed for their needs. At check out, you will be offered a paper shopping bag made from recycled paper (if you’ve not already brought your own reusable bags). No plastic bags.

Paper receipts are also a no-no. Customers receive their receipt via text or email. Every product sold by Frisco Farm Stop is required to be contained in recyclable material.  All coffee grounds from the kitchen are composted on-site. Local Frisco Farm Stop vendor Earth On Tap takes all its juice pulp and send it to local farmers for use as organic fertilizer. Both Blythe and Monika live within 1 mile from ‘the office’.  No 20-30-40+ minute commutes here.

They source their products exclusively from local areas farmers and artisans.  If it is not in season or grown locally, you won’t find it on shelves.

“Due to the vast amount of rain we’ve had recently, the perception by some is that our shelves would be overflowing with fruits and vegetables,” says Blythe. “But, we’ve actually had so much rain that many of our farmers we source from have had entire crops literally washed away. It’s been an educational process for some of our customers but they are understanding and learning.”

Frisco Farm Stop When asked what their biggest challenge is, Monika responded that identifying more local farmers and artisans remains their biggest challenge.  But, it is a challenge that the two are happily willing to address.

Back to basics 

Frisco Farm Stop is more than just a local farmers market. Their best sellers remain their own line of honey and bee pollen (Bee True Products) and organic farm fresh eggs and coffees.  Blythe and Monkia actually have a pending patent on their line of Bee True Products Bee Pollen which many customers use to combat seasonal allergies while others use it as a multivitamin supplement.

Located in the rear of the market is a beverage bar offering organic coffee, pastries and desserts. It is a quaint kitchen where time has a way of slipping away. Frisco Farm Stop also offers educational classes each month.

Ready to take a virtual tour of Frisco Farm Stop?  Check out our episode of Earth911TV.

By Chase Ezell

Chase has served in various public relations, communications and sustainability roles. He is a former managing editor for