Happy mothers day card with dried flowers

Mothers don’t always know what they want on Mother’s Day – other than, perhaps, a break from the tedium of daily life – but if you have an earth-loving mama in your life, this a great time to gift her with something sustainable. You’ll make her happy and be a little kinder to the planet when you wrap up one of these indulgences.

Home Décor

The mother who loves to beautify the family home will go wild for the handmade, woven work from MadeTerra. The entire product line is created with natural materials like seagrass, bamboo, water hyacinth, and rattan. A hanging planter basket can be either an indoor or outdoor decoration, colorful serving trays can be gifted in triplicate for a unique wall display, and a duo of baskets can be used anywhere from kitchen to bedroom to bathroom.

MadeTerra bamboo serving trays
MadeTerra bamboo serving trays. Image: Amazon


Have a mom who loves flowers but would love for the ones you gift her to live forever? Look no further than Literary Blooms, the clever shop that upcycles books at the end of their life cycle into lifelike roses. Every petal is hand cut and hand-shaped with a green leafy stem. You can buy a bouquet for mom or select individual stems of her favorite book titles, like Pride and Prejudice or Alice in Wonderland, some of Shakespeare’s works, or even an atlas. Bonus: They’re made by a mother-daughter duo. Aww.

Beverage Cups

Whether she’s chasing toddlers, chauffeuring teenagers, or indulging grandchildren, mom can use a sustainable drinking vessel to keep her company. The reusable offerings from O-Yaki Ecoware are made of biodegradable natural wheat straw fiber, like their petite 8-ounce water bottles that fit snugly in purses, diaper bags, and cup holders. If you want a sturdier and larger offering, the Welly 18-ounce bottle is made of stainless steel and bamboo and comes in eye-catching designs; one is sure to suit the mom you’re buying for.

Welly Traveler 18oz | Vacuum Insulated & Infusing Stainless Steel Bamboo Water Bottle
Welly Traveler 18 oz. bottle. Image: Amazon

Foot Care

It’s almost guaranteed that mom doesn’t have enough downtime or invest in a pedicure as often as she might like. Help her make herself a priority by gifting her a basketful of foot-pampering goodies (and make sure she claims the time to use them). Include treats like the Footnanny spa treatment set, nontoxic SOPHi nail polish, and cozy swaggr socks made from recycled plastic bottles.

Baby Carrier

Have a new mama in your midst? Help her keep that little one close while looking stylish at the same time. The BabyBliss carrier wrap is a supportive, hands-free, front wrap that is made of 100% bamboo cotton, which is great for sensitive skin – both mom’s and baby’s – and helps wick away sweat, moisture, and keep little ones cool and comfy.

Fourth Trimester Box

Fourth Phase Inc. has created an AfterBirth Box designed for moms in the fourth trimester, the short window of time after giving birth when both mind and body are healing from labor and delivery. If there is a new mom on your radar, gift her with this for her first Mother’s Day, so she knows you’re already on board with keeping her well and healthy now and after baby arrives. A dozen sustainably sourced products from women-owned companies will support her inside and out, and donate a box to new moms in U.S. shelters and Sub-Saharan Africa for every box sold.


Any book is a good gift for the mom who loves to read, but there are also ideal volumes for the mom who wants to live a little close to the Earth and boost the sustainability efforts of her family, like:

The Backyard Homestead Seasonal Planner
The Backyard Homestead Seasonal Planner by Ann Larkin Hansen. Image: Amazon

Cork Wallet

For the mom who embraces all things cork, an eco-friendly, sustainable cork wallet is the kind alternative to animal leather that will keep all her cards and cash safe. It’s flexible but sturdy and light, so she can stuff her wallet full without worrying about the extra weight in her bag. Plus, it has RFID protection for extra security. And, it’s made from the shavings of trees, not felled trees, for a planet-friendly option.

Money Smart Vegan cork wallet
Money Smart cork wallet. Image: Amazon

Seed Cards

Get the kids in on the Mother’s Day gifting with a garden of Bloomin mini yellow flower-shaped seed cards. Let the little ones create stems for the flowers, “plant” them in a paper garden, or decorate a Mother’s Day card with just the right touch. Then put those beauties in the ground as a family and watch them grow.