Earth911 Wishes You a Sustainable New Year

The Earth911 Reader is on hiatus until January 9, 2021.

Dear Earth911 Community,

Imagine no landfills and all the materials that currently go to waste finding a new life as recycled goods. Imagine a green prosperity that resolves the oil-fueled inequities tearing our world apart, creating millions of jobs that do good for the planet. This vision kept the team Earth911 going through a difficult year, one that has tested all the peoples of the world.

This coming year will determine if society takes the pandemic’s lessons as an opportunity to create a sustainable world or simply falls back to the wasteful, environment-damaging ways that brought the atmosphere to the brink of irreversible global warming. It will be one of the most important years in history.

And we’ll be here to help with recycling how-tos and sustainable shopping guides that emphasize precycling and the best options for your budget.

Our friends worry that we’ve taken on a quixotic vision of a world without landfills, but cleaning up our mess on land and in the air is the mission of our time. It’s what needs to be done, so let’s use the end of the pandemic as the starting point for a better world.

You can help spread the word and reduce the amount of waste we send to landfills. Join in the conversation — we welcome guest contributions about great recycling tips and smart shopping ideas — and always remember that sustainability is a team sport.

We can turn 2021 into the year the world embraced green, sustainable ideas and put them into action. Together, we can restore this planet to the environmental conditions in which our species thrived. Let’s do it for every generation that will follow us, and for the improved life it can deliver for each of us.

As the final hours of 2020 pass, we hope and pray for peace and prosperity, comfort and confidence for each of you.

Happy holidays,
The entire Earth911 Team

By Earth911

We’re serious about helping our readers, consumers and businesses alike, reduce their waste footprint every day, providing quality information and discovering new ways of being even more sustainable.