ByHaley Shapley

Dec 15, 2017

Whether you’ve got all your holiday shopping done or are just putting the finishing touches on your naughty-and-nice lists, there’s always room for a stocking stuffer or two. Here are the earth-friendly items your family will be happy to see in their stocking this year.

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which helps fund our Recycling Directory, the most comprehensive in North America.

Love Bottle

These reusable glass water bottles from Love Bottle are made in the USA out of 40 percent recycled glass, and each is touched about 100 times in the process — clearly a lot of love has been infused along the way. You’ll see a visual representation of that on top of the ceramic lids, where two droplets come together to form a heart, and embedded into the side and bottom of each bottle. There are more than 30 designs to choose from, including “Love Our Forests” and “Love Our Waters” themes that are perfect for the eco-conscious. The city-themed bottles — currently spotlighting Chicago, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and NYC — are also a lot of fun.


Pilot Bottle 2 Pen


These retractable gel roller pens known as Bottle 2 Pen (B2P) bill themselves as the first pens in the world to be made from recycled bottles. Each is crafted from 89 percent recycled content and comes with a fine point. Colors include the standard blue and black, along with red, purple, green, yellow, light blue and pink. When you’re done, don’t throw them out — refill them instead. And for all you handwriting aficionados out there, you’ll be happy to know they write smoothly.


The Observer’s Field Guide

Bound in real cork, this hardcover travel journal and sketchbook from Elum Designs alternates between lined and sketch paper pages to allow its recipient to fully document the wonders of a hike, camping trip or just a stroll in nature.


Veggie Sidewalk Chalk

Just in case your child decides he’d like to eat his chalk while drawing with it, you want to make sure you have a safe, nontoxic option on hand. Enter Wee Can Too, which has created a sidewalk chalk that’s made in the USA without lead, wheat, sugar, preservatives or dairy.


Eco-Friendly Phone Case

Protecting the latest smartphone is the best way to keep it lasting as long as possible (and reduce the waste that comes with getting another smartphone sooner), but plastic cases don’t exactly scream “I love the planet.” Try the phone cases from Pela that are made from plant-based biopolymers that will break down in a compost environment once the case is no longer needed. There are tons of colors available, so there’s something for everyone.


By Haley Shapley

Haley Shapley is based in Seattle, where recycling is just as cool as Macklemore, walking in the rain without an umbrella, and eating locally sourced food. She writes for a wide range of publications, covering everything from sustainability to fitness to travel. Read more of her work here.