woman picking up littered masks on the beach

Single-use face masks have begun to pose a serious environmental threat. If you’re not living and breathing through a reusable, washable mask, you are probably wearing a single-use face mask, but disposing of them only adds to waste. The recyclable EcoBreathe mask is affordable, convenient, safe for users, and so much better for the environment.

The Pandemic Pollution Problem

Along with the many problems caused by the pandemic, it has also contributed to worldwide pollution, with masks, gloves, and sanitizer bottles showing up in waterways. Single-use face masks have especially begun to pose a serious environmental threat. If just 1% of masks are disposed of incorrectly, as many as 10 million single-use masks could enter the oceans every month.

According to one estimate, if the global population uses one disposable face mask every day, we would dispose of 129 billion face masks monthly – that’s contaminated waste as well as plastic packaging waste.

A Recyclable Face Mask

Frontline Sanitizing, a Tulsa-based company, now offers a 100% fully recyclable, three-ply, disposable face mask that not only provides protection against COVID-19 but also protects the planet from unneeded waste and pollution. The non-woven, high-density, polypropylene masks use patent-pending materials and manufacturing processes and feature pressure-point-free ear loops for a more comfortable and effective fit.

EcoBreathe ASTM Level 1, non-medical masks can be purchased by non-medical customers and individuals for the same cost as a box of single-use, non-recyclable masks from most other retailers. The smallest quantity available is one box of 50 masks for $19.99. The EcoBreathe bulk options are an especially budget-friendly choice for businesses since buying in larger quantities costs less.

EcoBreathe recyclable face mask

The EcoBreathe Recycling Process

Bulk orders over one case (2,000 masks) automatically come with a convenient recycling “station” for collecting used masks, though any purchase can be accompanied by a recycling bin upon request, even if it’s for your home.

Once assembled, boxes can be lined with a standard trash bag and, ideally, placed in high-traffic areas, near entryways and exits, or beside other recycling bins. When full, the liners should be removed from the corrugated bin, sealed, and quarantined for 72 hours before pickup, which can be easily scheduled online.

EcoBreathe recycling station

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. Purchase of the EcoBreathe masks of any quantity comes with a prepaid return shipping label. There is no additional fee for the mask pickup or processing and recycling services. Everything is included in the purchase price. EcoBreathe has engineered their product, its production, and distribution so the price is comparable to other three-ply masks that will end up in landfills or oceans.

Safer Masks for a Better Future

Frontline Sanitizing is the exclusive distributor of EcoBreathe in the United States. They trust that this product will make a significant difference over the long-term in protecting individuals and the Earth. “Our neighbors deserve to have a COVID-19 safeguard that has been designed with the needs of our global community in mind. We must make choices that lead to a better future, while also protecting us from the dangers at hand,” says John Coleman, president and founder.

The contamination that continues to grow because of single-use masks can be stopped – there is a better option available that’s just as easy and convenient as other face masks.