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There are many different ways you can ‘greenify’ your life, from making a commitment to recycling to having a smart thermostat installed. In today’s day and age, being sustainable and eco-conscious is more important than ever. Not only does the overall health and wellness of our planet depend on it, but so do future generations. Even if you have begun to adopt certain green practices, you undoubtedly feel like you can – and should – be doing more, right?

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Some of the hottest trends in this department include energy-efficient construction, water-conserving plumbing, solar panels, and living walls and roofs. Image courtesy of QUOI Media Group.

If this is the case, you are in luck. There are tons of ways to become even more environmentally responsible than you already are, some of which are quite popular right now. Whether you have long-term goals of living a 100% green lifestyle or are looking for small ways to become more sustainable in your everyday life, you have options.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest green living trends, some of which may be news to you!

  • Sustainability in restaurants. 2015 has been a huge year for sustainability in the restaurant and food industry. According to the National Restaurant Association, focusing on sustainability measures was one of the industry’s main goals this year. Restaurants throughout the nation are offering more sustainable seafood options, more responsibly raised and locally grown ingredients, and working on ways to decrease food waste, all while conserving energy and water. So next time you go out to eat, pay attention and see if you can determine whether the spot you are at has jumped on board with this trend or not.
  • Sustainable fashion. Fashion trends are constantly changing, but for once they are actually something we care about! This year we have seen an increased demand for sustainably produced, socially responsible, and local clothing. From using recycled materials to locally sourced goods and manufacturing procedures that reduce waste, we are happy to report that this trend has spread far and wide.
  • Greener homes. In today’s society, we are seeing a heightened interest in green homes, both new construction homes and renovations to existing abodes that up their sustainability factor. Some of the hottest trends in this department include energy-efficient construction, water-conserving plumbing, solar panels, and living walls and roofs.
  • Eco-packaging. More and more companies are jumping on board with this move toward eliminating wasteful packaging. From restaurants and coffee shops encouraging customers to bring their own containers to banning plastic bags and using recycled materials for packaging, this trend if transforming our society in a major way.
  • Reusable containers, cups, and water bottles. Gone are the days of plastic water bottles and containers that you throw away after one use. We have seen a dramatic shift towards people investing in sustainable, portable dishes and more. One of the biggest areas we have seen this is in water bottles. A movement  is growing to use more eco-friendly, sustainable, and American-made options.

We are seeing this move towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious world in bigger ways than ever, and we predict this will be the case for many years to come. If you have adopted any unique and thoughtful green practices into your life that we haven’t mentioned, we’d love to hear about it!

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