Natural men's skincare

While there is nothing like a little manly ruggedness, say a plaid flannel or five o’ clock shadow, the art of manscaping today has reached a whole new level. Gone are the days of one bar of Dial or Irish Spring soap to cleanse, exfoliate, scrub and moisturize the entire body and face for dudes. While they may have been clean as whistle, their chemical exposure was singing another tune. So, can natural men’s skincare do the trick? You bet!

Natural men’s skincare to the rescue

Your guy doesn’t need to be a metro sexual to realize the importance of not only aging gracefully, but avoiding harsh synthetics and toxic chemicals. Personally, I find a toxic-free man oh-so sexy (fortunately I’m married to the other half of the Healthy Home Dream Team®).

Here are my (and my manly, manscaped man’s) top picks for the greenest grooming and natural men’s skincare lines.

1. Éminence Organic Skin Care

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the greenest of them all? One of my personal fave skincare lines, I turned my hubs onto Eminence Organic Skin Care. Originated in 1958, this Hungarian line uses sustainable farming and green practices to create natural, organic and Biodynamic® products. While you can shop by skin type or skin problem, they offer a special For Him selection of products.

It’s a good idea to sample before you invest. You’ll find a plethora of Stone Crop-infused items including the Stone Crop Collection Tube packaged in a hand-made wooden tube with small sample sizes of wash, hydrator, masque, moisturizer and serum as well as a Bright Skin Starter Kit for uneven skin. This line is a true sensory experience. The natural scents will have your other half thanking you. Every aspect of the brand is eco-friendly, including their packaging. Learn more about their green efforts here.

2. John Masters Organics

John Masters Organics Natural Men's Skincare
Image Credit: John Masters Organics (Instagram)

Let’s keep the guys perfectly molded, sculpted and waxed, yes? When you think of John Masters Organic, you might think of hair pomade, sprays and shampoo and you’d be right. But, they also have a men’s line of 2 in 1 face wash & shave foam to gently clean and soften his skin & whiskers (meow!) with 10 organic oils and extracts boasting anti-inflammatory benefits. Also, check out their moisturizer & aftershave. Can you say USDA certified organic? Both made with certified ingredients and are cruelty free. Now, that’s HOT!

3. Adult Male Human

Introducing AMH, an extraordinary men’s grooming line that’s non-toxic and paraben free. The line is safe, free of petrochemicals and certified cruelty-free by PETA. Check out their natural, handcrafted shave soaps, natural luxe balms and natural treatments including Face & Beard Oil and Nourishing Coconut Milk Styling Hair Cream. Mmm – who’s hungry?

4. Olie Biologique

Olie Biologique All Natural Whisker Oil
Image Credit: Olie Biologique

Say sayonara to nicks, cuts and razor burns with Olie Biologique’s 100% natural oil blend that keeps skin healthy and youthful. Their All Natural Whisker Pre & Post Shaving Oil (pictured right) contains none of the following: parabens, synthetic colors, artificial fragrances or animal testing. Healthy whiskers, happy bunnies.

5. ilike Organic Skin Care

If you have the unfortunate result of getting irritated skin after shaving, ilike’s Organic Skin Care Aftershave Gel helps calm and soothe skin. ilike organic skin care is made in small batches in Hungary from organically grown and handpicked herbs, fruits and vegetables and contains the highest possible levels of natural active ingredients. No mass production here.

It’s goes without saying that men’s generally oilier, thicker and more sensitive face and neck are prone to irritation and inflammation. ilike’s black exfoliating wash is an  anti-inflammatory daily cleanser that reduces irritation and controls oiliness while exfoliating skin to remove impurities and excess build-up. Top it all off with the Stonecrop Daily Moisturizer.

6. Truly’s Natural Products

Never let them see you sweat. Keep your guy coiffed and smelling great with these trendy packaged, all natural and long lasting organic cream deodorants. They’re made with organic coconut oil and are GMO-free and include a creamsicle flavor. Also, check out their organic lip balms and organic soaps with amazing flavors you’ll want to eat! This small, family-owned biz offers a money back guarantee, taboot!

7. Jeffrey James Botanicals

Jeffrey James Botanicals Natural Men's Skincare
Image Credit: Jeffrey James Botanicals (Instagram)

Play hard, cleanse harder are the wise words from the CEO of Jeffrey James Botanicals; a former University of Washington Huskies football player tuned skincare guru. Its manly to have good skin and Jeffrey made it his mission to metro-fy men’s skincare.

“That helped me look into what we are putting onto our bodies and how important it is and how these things get into our nervous systems. When I got into the organic world, there was nothing that made me go ‘okay this is it!’ so I  really wanted to create my own and create a better line.”

All products are formulated with 80% certified organic ingredients, using all-natural scents and packaged in beautiful Italian glass. Try his Metro Man Combo of The Wash, The Exfoliant and The Serum, which leaves skin smooth without horrible razor burn. All products are formulated with the finest organic actives, botanicals and minerals that are handpicked and hand crafted. After his father was diagnosed with skin cancer, entrepreneur Jeffrey traded in the locker room for the boardroom.

8. PUR Attitude

PUR Attitude Natural Men's Skincare
Image Credit: PUR Attitude

Customize with the first and only skin care technology that self-adjusts to each individual and draws 1,000 times it’s weight in moisture from the air, delivering hydration, nutrients, electrolytes and anti-oxidants. Founded by a chemist who was tired of seeing the women in his life get diagnosed with cancer, this company goes further with a Safe Beauty philosophy that eliminates over 1,300 different chemicals that have been found to be toxic. My husband’s favorite is the Men’s Essentials 5 Piece Shave Kit (pictured right) which includes Hair & Body Wash, Protein+ Shave Cream, Men’s Essential After-Shave, Shaving Brush, and Body Puff.

9. KORA Organics

KORA Organics is a certified organic skincare line made in Australia that’s cruelty-free and just so happens to be created by the gorgeous Miranda Kerr (uh, gals, do the ordering for your guys on this site. No need to draw more attention to an ex Victoria Secret model). Designed to nourish, replenish, protect and detoxify, the line is cruelty free and vegan. No toxins, parabens or nasties. While not a dedicated men’s line, “Actually, men love the products,” reveals Kerr, including her son, Evan Spiegel, Snapchat CEO, her dad and Orlando Bloom (her ex).

When you look good, you feel good. These brands are not only helping men look and feel their best, but these natural men’s skincare lines contribute to a safer and healthier world for all of us to enjoy. Got a favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature image credit: Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock

By Lisa Beres

Lisa Beres is a healthy home authority, Baubiologist, published author, professional speaker and Telly award-winning media personality who teaches busy people how to eliminate toxins from their home with simple, step-by-step solutions to improve their health. With her husband, Ron, she is the co-founder of The Healthy Home Dream Team and the 30-day online program Change Your Home. Change Your Health. She is the author of the children’s book My Body My House and co-author of Just Green It!: Simple Swaps to Save Your Health and the Planet, Learn to Create a Healthy Home! Green Nest Creating Healthy Homes and The 9 to 5 Greened: 10 Steps to a Healthy Office. Lisa’s TV appearances include "The Rachael Ray Show," "Nightly News with Brian Williams," "TODAY," "The Doctors," "Fox & Friends," "Chelsea Lately" and "The Suzanne Somers Show."