Dads never get enough credit. We go all out for Mother’s Day. We buy red roses, fruit bouquets and jewelry for Mom, but when Father’s Day rolls around, we order lawnmowers, barbecue grills, coffee mugs and ties. If he’s really awesome, we might even get Dad a brand new power tool or HDTV.

You like your dad, right? I know I do. I wouldn’t be the snarky, sparkly burst of emerald enlightenment without him. But Father Horizon is such a snob when it comes to his gifts that I’ve been strong-armed into thinking of Father’s Day gifts quite differently.

Don’t get it twisted. My dad’s not Neil deGrasse Tyson by any means, but as the quintessential “dude who has everything,” he appreciates creativity and humor. Cuff links, ties, baseball caps with World’s Best Dad emblazoned on them… too cliché. No stainless steel grills either. (“Real men use charcoal,” he’s scoffed on many occasions, usually between sips of rum and coke on the porch.)

All things considered, it seemed a tough challenge to find the perfect gift for Father’s Day. This year, my gift has to be unique and eco-friendly – hopefully both if I can help it. And that’s exactly why I ended up browsing Uncommon Goods for Father’s Day gifts.

Uncommon Goods is a retail curator of deliberately unique products designed to be innovative, creative and humorous. They specialize in highlighting products designers make from recycled and reclaimed materials. I love their support of artists such who dive into the materials they use for original products that shine.

Take Fred Colon’s Gnome-Be-Gone collection, for example. Colon loves junkyards and old metal. He peruses them, collects recycled materials and designs cool, sustainable handmade garden art with it. His designs are comical and infuse a whimsical and devious twist into garden art.

Another great example Graham Bergh, who collected 3,000 pounds of used bike parts from 150 shops in 17 states every month. He donates reusable parts to a non-profit organization that teaches kids bicycle repair skills, then repurposes unusable pieces into decorative home accents like bottle openers, frames and clocks.

With so many cool options to choose from, the Earth 911 writers and I had a small roundtable to select what we’d get our own dads for Father’s Day from Uncommon Goods. Here are our top picks:

Justin Gammill: The Personalized Whiskey Barrel ($85 – $200)


Why Justin loves this: “If you’re going to drive Dad to drink, at least give him his own customized whiskey barrel.”

The personalized Whiskey Barrel is literally a gift that keeps on giving. Do you know how expensive whiskey is? Not only will this gift save Dad money, but it’s a classic gift with a rustic feel. What dad wouldn’t love to make his own whiskey from the comforts of home?

Created from premium quality American White Oak, these barrels are handcrafted without use of glue or nails. Proper care means this can last for 8 to 10 years before you can recycle it. (Whiskey barrel centerpieces are all the rage on Pinterest.)

Megan Winkler: Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses ($30-$45)


Why Meg loves this: “Okay. Those. They’re amazing. Eco-friendly, with a natural antibacterial and makes shooting some good tequila a little fancier (and easier – they’re salt).”

Don’t you love, love, love these? I do! Not only are these pretty, they’re literally made with high-quality salt. These “finely veined” glasses look like rose quartz, but they’re literally carved from the highest quality of food-grade Himalayan pink salt. Take a shot from this cup and enjoy a splash of salty infusion as the Patron (or tequila of choice) surfs your taste buds.

Here’s what’s also cool. While these glasses add sophisticated flavor and do require a little maintenance, the salt used to make these long-lasting glasses is antibacterial and won’t dissolve overnight. Fill ‘em up, shoot ‘em down, wipe ‘em and keep partying!

Ryan Callahan: Spalted Beech and Spent 50 Caliber Bullet Pen ($56)


Why Ryan loves this: “If your father once killed a man in a duel and lived to tell about it … ”

One of the most kickass pens ever created, this pen upcycles 50-caliber brass bullet cartridges in a handsome design inspired by the 21-gun salute. Armed with a smooth twist handle and refillable ballpoint tip, it’s the perfect gift for a dad who’s also an American Veteran.

Emerald: Aquafarm ($60)


Why Emerald loves this: “Because fresh herbs – that’s why.”

My dad’s family owned a farm in Virginia when he was growing up. Although most of that land has been sold off, a small piece of the property remains in his care. Too bad he’s not there; he’s living large in New York City. This little piece would remind him of his roots. Literally.

The Aquafarm is a perfect gift to provide a small urban oasis during the day. This intriguing visual is a double-decker “combination of garden and fish bowl” that forms for a symbiotic ecosystem. You can grow basil, mint, spinach and other edible herbs on top, as they’ll thrive from the nutrient-rich water (thanks fish-poo!) and in turn, they’ll recirculate fresh air back into the fish tank. It’s clean; it’s simple and everyone wins.

By Emerald Horizon

Ms. Emerald Horizon … how do you begin to describe her? As her name suggests, she’s as sparkly and as intriguing as her namesake. She’s a wild woman that’s rumored to run with the wolves, hide in different corners of the world, enjoy sushi and dance. Most of all, Emerald is fearless and passionate when it comes to expressing thought-provoking views to inspire better treatment of Mother Earth and her precious resources.​