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Jul 22, 2014
Verano pitcher, designed with salvaged glass, from Uncommon Goods

Searching for a gorgeous housewarming gift that’s Earth-friendly, stylish and lasts forever? Check out the Verano glass pitcher, and its matching glassware set. This beautiful set really caught my attention when it was offered in return for an honest and uncompromising review as part of Uncommon Goods’ Blogger Review program.

Verano Glass Pitcher

I fell in love with the Verano pitcher because it conjured up sexy images of cold sweat dripping as I used it to serve ice-cold sweet tea and lemonade to friends. It just feels like the perfect accessory for relaxation on the patio as we watch the Texas sunset. Like, I really imagined this, complete with the matching glasses, beads of sweat and all. Nothing so sweaty ever looked so good in my mind. Seriously. It was at that point I knew I had to have this pitcher to make my fantasies REAL.

The Verano pitcher, designed with salvaged glass, has a “residual teal-green tint” from its sun-shielding days. Mexican artisans hand-blow the glass and incorporate these vivid bursts and swirls of color that make this pitcher more eye-catching, vibrant and easy to look at over any other conventional glass pitcher I have ever seen.

Verano pitcher, designed with salvaged glass, from Uncommon Goods
Verano pitcher, designed with salvaged glass, from Uncommon Goods

I know, I know – I’m over here gushing over a glass pitcher. I sound like such a Suzie Homemaker. But it’s because I seriously love the design. Read the reviews on the site, and you’ll see other people love the pitcher too. There is one review where the pitcher wasn’t really to the liking of one customer; their pitcher wasn’t “plumb across from the spout” and the spout was a little to narrow for the pitcher. Even then, they proclaimed its beauty – and expressed that Uncommon Goods provided excellent customer service in handling their concerns and offering a return. But, all in all, this pitcher is beautiful – it’s actually even way more beautiful in person.

In terms of drawbacks, I haven’t experienced any yet. Yes, the spout can be a little small, so I have to be nimble, but overall I’m very pleased.

Verano Glassware

The Verano Glassware caught my eye just as much as the pitcher did. Look at how beautifully textured these glasses are. On the site, they look small, but I promise you, in person they are thick, hardy and have this really smooth blend of handcrafted imperfection in their texture. It makes for a really nice, generous hand-feel and smooth sipping when filled with sweet tea, lemonade or your ice-cold beverage of choice. These glasses are as eye-catching as they are sturdy feeling. I wouldn’t tell you to go drop them and see what happens, but they definitely won’t break because a fork tousled against them like cheaper, thinner glassware does.

Verano glassware from Uncommon Good
Verano glassware from Uncommon Goods

I found this glass really interesting, with it’s beautiful swirls and bursts of color. Isn’t the texture and design absolutely beautiful? I feel this textured pattern actually adds to your ability to grip the glass, especially as it starts to sweat when you hold and sip from it. And, of course, the colors sparkle and gleam in the sunlight.

Sure, the glasses are a little heavy, but they are very sturdy, and they are dishwasher safe. For $39.99, they make a very beautiful enhancement as an amazing household gift.

Verano Martinis & Final Thoughts

While I’ve only asked for the pitcher and glassware, Uncommon Goods also has the same glassware in margarita glasses and tumblers. Check out this beautifully made, hand-blown glassware – again from recycled glass – at Uncommon Goods!

Thank you to Abi and the Uncommon Goods team for allowing me to do this review. Check out some of our other Uncommon Good reviews by Megan and myself.

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