2023 was a challenging year for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing, even though more capital continues to flow into ESG-reporting companies. In 2024, as inflation cools, consumers are expected to continue migrating to sustainable products and services, fueling higher returns for ESG-aligned stocks. Explore the first steps you can take to begin with Ben Vivari, cofounder of Till Investors, which helps investors evaluate and invest in green and socially responsible funds. Ben contributed an article to Earth911, published today, How to Invest for a Healthy Planet, a valuable introduction to ESG investing that looks at how you, the individual investor, think about risk. He identified three “fighting” styles, Avoiding, Rewarding, and Engaging companies based on their ESG disclosures.

Ben Vivari, cofounder of Till Investors, is our guest on Sustainability In Your Ear.

Ben shares the news and research sources ESG investors should know and use when making decisions. Your choices as an investor to choose responsibility for the future in addition to profits make a difference — learn about your potential power and exercise it. Till Investors has also published a guide for new ESG investors, Sustainable Investing: An “ESG” Starter Kit for Everyday Investors, available on Amazon. You can learn more about Till Investors at tillinvestors.com

By Mitch Ratcliffe

Mitch is the publisher at Earth911.com and Director of Digital Strategy and Innovation at Intentional Futures, an insight-to-impact consultancy in Seattle. A veteran tech journalist, Mitch is passionate about helping people understand sustainability and the impact of their decisions on the planet.