Earth911 Podcast: Sustainability in Your Ear

Listen to “Sustainability In Your Ear: The EARTH911 Podcast, Episode 11” on Spreaker.

This week on the podcast, join Evelyn Lopez and the team’s Trey Granger and Mitch Ratcliffe to dive into keeping honeybees at home, as well as what to do when visited by an unwanted swarm. Learn which five jobs are ideal for recent environmental and sustainability grads and how to build a regular recycling routine into your day. We also talk about Feeding America’s important food waste work, which you can support here. And carbon capture technology got a boost last week with a discovery that it is much cheaper than previously thought — you can hear more about carbon capture in our recent interview with Peter Fiekowsky of the Healthy Climate Alliance.

In reader questions, find out what to do when you discover an abandoned tank of freon. It’s a banned chemical, but the large white cylinders freon came in before it was discontinued are still lurking out there.

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