Earth911 Podcast: Sustainability in Your Ear

It’s Thanksgiving week and that means it’s Thanks-cycling time! The Earth911 team gathers around the table to enjoy a sustainable family day of simple swaps for a healthy Thanksgiving.

Sarah Lozanova reviews seven Thank-worthy DIY decorations and Trey Granger explains how to recycle cooking oil. Evelyn Fielding-Lopez talks about 12 ideas to reduce or eliminate food waste on Thanksgiving, and Mitch Ratcliffe explores his memories of deep-fried turkey. We also discuss recent Earthling surveys and new innovator interviews. We recently spoke with Chris Wilke of Puget Sound Keepers, who are fighting for better regulation of cattle-feeding operations in Washington state, and Marc Choyt of Reflective Jewelry, a pioneer of the fair trade jewelry industry.

And, as always, we have Earthling questions and answers. This week, we look at recycling hair and waxed cardboard boxes.

Listen to “Earth911 Podcast, Nov. 19, 2018: Thanks-cycling!” on Spreaker.

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