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Earth911 talks with a pioneer of living and working sustainably, Paul Hawken. His work spans ideas, generations, and industries — he is an environmentalist, author, entrepreneur, and globally recognized expert on sustainable living. His new book, Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation, continues the work he launched in 2017 with the book Drawdown, The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming. Paul was the founder of Erewhon, a pioneering natural food company, garden and home retailer Smith & Hawken, and Energy Everywhere, a low-cost solar company seeking to deliver renewable power to the 5 billion humans who currently live without reliable access to electricity.

Author and environmentalist Paul Hawken
Author and environmentalist Paul Hawken is our guest on Sustainability in Your Ear.

You can learn more about Paul at and Regeneration is available now on Amazon, in bookstores, and on Audible. Be sure to visit the Regeneration website, where many of the ideas in the book are available to read. He and his team have outlined more of the solutions to the climate crisis than any other source.

This podcast originally aired on November 15, 2021.

By Earth911

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