Mar 16, 2020 ,
Earth911 Podcast Innovator Interview

The annual challenge of keeping walkways and drives clear of snow has a terrible environmental impact. In colder regions, a single household will use between 200 and 800 pounds of salt each year, which leads to chloride contamination in lakes, streams, and groundwater. PlaySafe Ice Blocker is a new chloride-free anti-icing liquid that is safe for the environment, pets, and your children. Earth911 talks with Mitch Vestal, founder of PlaySafe about how to de-ice safely the rest of this winter and next year.

The inefficiency of chloride de-icing salts, which work in narrow bands of temperatures, results in most of the material running off or remaining in your lawn. Rock salt must first become liquid before it can work, which is why so much salt is left over after the snow is gone. Vestal explains how one gallon of PlaySafe Ice Blocker can replace up to 100 pounds of rock salt de-icer. PlaySafe can be sprayed on walkways and driveways to prevent ice from forming during a storm, and it leaves a light slush that is easier to remove than partially melted ice.

PlaySafe is available at Lowe’s, Home Depot, and on Amazon.

By Earth911

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