Earth911 Podcast: Sustainability in Your Ear

Thinking of replacing your lightbulbs, upgrading to a satellite TV for the football season, or saving on home electricity spending? The Earth911 team has recycling and savings tips for the fall when school and planning for next year begins. Join Evelyn Fielding-Lopez, Sarah Lozanova, and Mitch Ratcliffe for a discussion about sustainable living and recycling.

We start with President Trump’s recent decision to reverse a ban on incandescent lights that would have taken effect in 2020 to “will ensure that the choice of how to light homes and businesses is left to the American people.” Unfortunately, the policy is a decision that will cost Americans far more for electricity used and CO2 emitted than LEDs. U.S. Department of Energy data proves that Americans will save up to 75 percent on electricity with LEDs, but the DOE went along with the policy change. What are we to do? Choose LEDs and put the Edisonian incandescent in the past. Choose the planet, not ideology.

The fall is a time for change, preparing for what’s ahead, including the school year. If you are considering dish television, be prepared for recycling the antennae and receiver because the networks will not provide end-of-life removal and recycling. Here is Earth911’s guide to satellite dish recycling. And if you’re looking around the house for electric savings, consider identifying the vampire electronics that suck small amounts of power all day. The gang also talks through compostable and plastic-free water filters for the home. 

In Earthling Questions, we cover recycling laminated posters and cards for schools, how to start a make money from recycling, and what you can do to start a community recycling program.


By Earth911

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