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Making home energy use improvements can be challenging without information about how the furnace, appliances, refrigerators, and other electronics around the house consume power. The Sense Energy Monitor brings all that data, and information about your utility, solar, and comparable home energy use to your smartphone to help you reduce your carbon footprint and electric bill. Earth911 talks to Sense CEO Mike Phillips about the latest Sense monitor upgrades and his 2021 home energy trends predictions.

Mike Phillips, CEO of Sense
Mike Phillips, CEO of Sense

Phillips explains the latest upgrade to the Sense and Sense Solar devices, a power quality monitor that tracks dips and spikes in electric current and software that identifies failing electric systems, loose wires, and malfunction appliances based on their power use. We also discuss the Zigbee internet-connected smart home standard that promises to connect smart lightbulbs, thermostats, switches, and other devices to a single dashboard on a phone or PC. Phillips expects the transition to electric power generated from solar, wind, and other renewables from fossil fuel-fired power will accelerate with the arrival of the Biden administration. He points out the home heating and power produces up to 40% of our personal greenhouse gas emissions, according to Rewiring America, and created the Sense system as a foundation for optimizing energy use.

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