Wanting to be sustainable is easy. Acting sustainably requires substantial effort. It takes time and no shortage of expertise to identify products and services with a low- or no-carbon footprint, and shopping for the best price on green energy, efficient appliances, and solar or other sustainability investments is difficult. Tony Wessling, the marketing and communications leader at YellowTin, joins the conversation to discuss the company’s new artificial intelligence-powered green lifestyle shopping service.

The platform — which will be available as a service on websites and through employee benefits programs — provides education and product recommendations across a wide range of categories, including appliances, electric vehicles and bikes, solar panels, home batteries, and sustainable energy. Think of YellowTin as an advisor that scours the fast-changing sustainability landscape for new energy-saving and carbon-reducing options when shopping.

Tony Wessling, marketing leader at YellowTin
Tony Wessling, marketing leader at YellowTin, is our guest on Sustainability in Your Ear.

YellowTin was founded in 2019 and incubated by the Los Angeles chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Net Zero Accelerator. The service is available through partner sites as an embedded feature that gives consumers and employees at companies, such as Intuit, access to carbon tracking tools, discounts, and other incentives that help them transition to renewable energy and decarbonize their lifestyles.

You can learn more about YellowTin at yellowtin.com.

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